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cnu/girl!cnu. r. 10,641 words. warnings: clonecest

dongwoo and woori are not orphans because they never had parents. they were born in a lab some twenty-five years ago, grown in test tubes and harvested from synthetic wombs.

It was creeping and ice-cold, the realization that he wanted her. In what way and to what extent, he was not sure, but certainly in ways and to extents that he shouldn’t. )
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gongchan/cnu/girl!cnu. r. 940 words. they like it like this, when it's the three of them, taking care of each other.
warnings: twincest

Dongwoo catches him by the shoulder, kisses him over Woori’s knee. Chanshik can tell Woori’s watching. )
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cnu/gongchan. r. 6319 words. chanshik and dongwoo fight the same fight, but on different fronts and with different methods. (originally written for [ profile] b1a4ss)
warnings: implied violence and death

Dongwoo files down his black nails to the finger, and his pointy Prodigal teeth into a straight even line. He hides his yellow eyes behind his thick spectacles.
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gongchan/girl!cnu. r. 277 words. chanshik and woori grew up next-door to each other, and then meet again as adults.

Everything comes back so easily, hands remembering where to touch and how to move like ingrained in the muscles. )
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cnu/gongchan. r. 6166 words. gong chanshik is almost nineteen, and it's fucking pathetic that he hasn’t gotten laid yet. (originally written for [ profile] b1a4ss)

Dongwoo has paused for a moment, standing turned towards them. Chanshik briefly meets his gaze.
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cnu/jinyoung & baro/gongchan. r. 874 words. chanshik and sunwoo are fucking, dongwoo and jinyoung watch from the sidelines. (originally posted at [ profile] kprompts)
warnings: voyeurism

It’s gonna be the two of them, the two of them against the world, and they’re gonna take care of these three kids, and they’re gonna do everything that needs to be done, carry everything that needs to be carried. )
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baeksoo. r. 892 words. kyungsoo and baekhyun cut class to go home and make out. (originally posted at [ profile] exopromptmeme)

Kyungsoo kisses like he means it, because he knows that the ability to be swept away by things is a strength, not a weakness.  )
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suho-centric. r. 200 words. (originally written for [ profile] seouldout)
warnings: suicide

Joonmyun will finally get to call it a day. )


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