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gongchan/girl!cnu. nc-17. 1557 words. it doesn’t matter how long it takes, if it never happens. if woori doesn’t want it, chanshik doesn’t want it either.
warnings: cnu as an intersex girl

He tries to keep his hands soft when he touches her, on her waist, her hips, her stomach. Not the breasts, not the thighs. )
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sekaiyeol. nc-17. 903 words. jongin and chanyeol fuck sehun's armpits in a backyard. (and this takes place in the 19th century because reasons)
warnings: a bit of violence.

He takes a grip of Sehun’s elbow again, wrings it back till Sehun arches off the wall and leans close in, spreading his tongue and sliding it in a big wet lick from Sehun’s top rib to his bicep. )
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sekai. nc-17. 669 words. sehun takes jongin out into the woods. (originally posted at [ profile] exopromptmeme)
warnings: salirophilia, d/s elements(?)

They walk close close together, side by side, arm pressed against arm, in step, so that nobody’ll see the piece of string connecting them. )
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sebaekkaiyeol. nc-17. 3718 words. (for and because of ruby because she asked so nicely.)
in which jongin, baekhyun and chanyeol discover that sehun has a very sensitive back.

“Hooh,” Sehun squeaks. And then clears his throat and adds in a slightly more dignified tone; “Oh yes right there. That’s where it’s itchy.” )
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chansoo. nc-17. 1822 words. chanyeol thighfucking kyungsoo requires some logistics. (originally posted at [ profile] seoulfulness)

So far, his main concern is how hard it will probably be to get all this gunk off his body before going back out. )


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